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Technical Parameters

Product Features

Safe & Efficient
It remain braking state when the handle is in vertical and horizontal direction to improve the safety of the vehicle.
Automatic deceleration function, stepless speed change device, operating safer.
Built-in unloading valve to protect the car do not overload use, improve the reliability.
Emergencyswitch, tortoise speed slow down switch, hand equipped with an emergency direction switch, the  operation be more safety.

Advanced design
Low center of gravity ensures the stable operation.
The electronic components concentrated design simplifies the circuit and makes easily assemble, debuging and maintaining.
CANbus technology simplifies circuit and increases reliability.
Hall sensor reduces abrasion  to increase of service life.
Vertical driving wheel ensures convenient maintenance and small turning radius. Water proof and dust-proof motor structure, keeps the braking and motor more durable and reliable.

Flexible control 
The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable.
Full free lifting is suitable for low roof house  (3M lift height truck can enter into a 2M door)

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