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Technical Parameters


Product Features

The AC traction electrical control and AC pump electrical control are configured with self protection and maintenance free. 
All motors are provided with temperature sensors and speed sensors.
The closed-loop control of travelling speed is configured with standard configuration of power switch (turtle crawl), which provides safety and energy saving. 
The function of automatic parking on a slope under no-load/full load condition is configured.

An interactive CURTIS LCD instrument is provided, by which, the running performance and lifting performance can be set, operating condition of each motor can be monitored and working time and failure codes can be obtained. 
The closed-loop control of lifting speed is designed to guarantee accurate and comfortable lifting operation.
The electrical system is controlled by CAN bus that transmits signals fast and accurately.
The climbing power is sufficient and the whole speed can be increased by 20%.

The operation performance is excellent; for running and lifting, the inching is stable and acceleration is rapid.
Load sensing and single pump distribution technologies are adopted and turning noise during running is remarkably decreased.
The separate tooth low-noise pump is provided thus working noise is reduced remarkably.
Energy from braking can recharge the battery by 30%, prolonging the battery life.

The mast with wide field of sight is standard configuration, providing clear sight and high efficiency.
The descending buffer is standard configuration, preventing the mast impact during descending.
The mast is formed by steel channel with big cross-section, which has solid structure and strong load-bearing capability.


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