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Technical Parameters

FD15/18/20/25/30/35 (E Series)

Product Features

 Safe & Green

Protective measures are provided for the parking brake.

The vehicle emission complies with the latest Chinas environmental protection standard.

The grid type roof is employed so that the operation field of sight is excellent and reliability is extraordinary.

The fork carrier made of J-type steel channels with composite rollers is used for vehicles of 2-3.5t to stabilize the starting and provide high strength.2.

Advanced design

The running speed is increased and operation efficiency is improved.

The tail of the counterweight sees a ventilation area that is increased by 10% to further facilitate the cooling.

The sedan-type double-handle combination switch is configured to ease and facilitate the operation.

Connections between steering axle and frame are shock-absorption treated, lowering the vehicle vibration by 30%.       

Compared with vehicles of the same series of other brands. this vehicle enjoys great weight, stronger load-bearing capability and high cost performance.

The vertical buffer function is designed for the lifting system so as to effectively decrease the impact and shock of the mast.

Comfortable & practical

The vehicle is applied with brand new coating with a fresh and attractive tone. The color is matched more reasonably and delighting.

The wide steps and broad driving space is provided to decrease the fatigue due to operation

by legs.

The middle exhaust tailpipe is installed to effectively prevent dust raising due to low exhaust.

Conical sealing is adopted for the rubber pipes and joints in the hydraulic lines, which enjoys satisfactory sealing effect and no oil leak for long.

The control stick arrangement is optimized with brand new control handle and wide operation space, making operation more comfortable.


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