Technical Parameters

FD30/35 (R Series)

Product Features

 High Quality

The fuel and hydraulic oil filter system is added to prolong the engine lift and change period of hydraulic oil.

The new SMC material is broadly used on the vehicle body to improve the vehicle performance. Its compressive strength is four times that of the steel, endurance limit can reach 70%~80%at most and its sound insulation effect is 2~3 times that of the steel.

The plate-fin water tank of Italian famous brand Orland is employed so as to optimize the cooling performance of the complete vehicle.

The computer-based finite element analysis is conducted for vehicle design to guarantee the optimized anti-torque capability of the vehicle body.

High Energy Efficiency

The electrical system uses the CAN bus technology and functional modules can be upgraded and added freely if necessary.

Main lines of the mast are laterally arranged and connected using steel and rubber pipes so as to enhance the sealing reliability of hydraulic system significantly (for high configuration version).

Flexible driving system design is adopted for the complete vehicle so as to transmit the power and torque with high efficiency and to improve operation safety and reliability.

Waterproof connectors are used for all electrical wire harnesses to enhance operation safety and reliability.

An imported engine and the most advanced associated systems in the industry are equipped. New multi-channel valves are used to offer priority to the steering function module and to achieve the mast power-off and locking, increasing the work efficiency by 8%.

The instrument can display the load weight and speed and the cargo measurement is more convenient, making driving safer and providing high energy efficiency.

High experience

Connections between steering axle and frame and between overhead guard and frame are shock-absorption treated, lowering the vehicle vibration by 30%.

The ergonomic effect is optimized by configuring the pedal integrating brake and inching functions and the hydraulic control stick on the right of the seat to decrease the fatigue strength and to improve the comfort for drivers.

The mast is designed with wide field of sight and the three-valve pipeline is installed thus the control field of sight can be added by 22%.

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