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Technical Parameters

FD40/45/50 (C Series)

Product Features

Safe & Green             

Protective measures are provided for the parking brake.

The cushioned cylinders are adopted for working devices and lines are rearranged to increase the field of sight and to improve the operation safety.

The fork carrier made of J-type steel channels with composite rollers is used for vehicles of 2-3.5t to stabilize the starting and to provide high strength.

The center of gravity is much optimized to provide favorable bearing capability and stability.

Conical sealing is adopted for the rubber pipes and joints in the hydraulic lines, which enjoys satisfactory sealing effect and no oil leak for long.

Independent main side roller guide structure is adopted for the mast to improve its reliability and stability significantly during mast lifting.


Comfortable & Efficient

The complete vehicle enjoys a simple and smooth appearance and a fresh and attractive tone.

The middle exhaust tailpipe is installed to effectively prevent dust raising due to low exhaust.

The overhead guard is heightened to further improve the operators driving space.

The roof is the formed part through one-time stamping and equipped with 5 transparent

plastic covers, providing favorable lighting and rain-proofness.

The international advanced ergonomic technology is adopted, the operation system design is optimized and the tilting cylinder is lowered down to further increase the driver’s operating room.

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