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Technical Parameters


Product Features

Safe & Efficient
Curtis driving controller and curtis steering controller make the operation stable and efficient.
Automatic limit of the lifting cargo, more security.
AC motor , stepless speed adjustment, greater power silent and safe.
High strength and stability forming fork tip improve operation safety.

Flexible & practical
Brushless AC driving motor , free maintenance.
Automatic limiting speed in face of turn makes comfortable operation.  
Large area detachable pedal, enough space, comfortable driving.
Carefully-tuned performance parameters make the driving action without block and comfortable.

Excellent performance 
Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system.
With patented floating design of driving unit of the, vibration damping effect is better.
Large capacity battery, possibly to be taken out on side or hanging out.
Emergency reverse direction, emergency brake switch and electric power steering system  save effort.
Walkie type, standing type, and turtle speed can meet all kinds of situation.

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