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Technical Parameters


Product Features

Electric Pallet truck, Standing Operation

Safe & Efficient

Elastic adjustment structure of balance wheel resist wear and tear, good stability.

pedal for standing with shock-absorbing effect,  comfortable, not easy to fatigue.

AC motor, not necessary to change electric brush ,excellent performance for the ramp up and down.

Emergency power disconnector, turtle speed switch , emergency reverse direction switch equipped handle, provides safer operation.

Convenient maintenance

with reasonable design, rugged steel cover is reliable and easy to dismantle , which makes the maintenance very easy.

Steering wheel with lubricating oil and bushing, easy to maintainThe entire drive unit has a small radius of rotation, convenient replacement of the wheel.

Side-door and cover of battery are possible to open, to replace and epair the battery.

Flexible & practical

Low battery protection setting prolong the battery use time.

CANBUS technology reduces wiring complexity and improve the stability of performance.

Hall sensor eliminates wear components and prolong its use time.

Display of battery status and working time together with stepless speed adjustment make more comfortable operation.

Water-proof and dust-proof of motor make the brake and motor more durable and reliable.

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