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Technical Parameters


Product Features

Electric Pallet truck, Walking Operation

Safe & Efficient

Font and rear frame connected by the new connecting rod, more stability.

Emergency reverse function protect the operator from hurt.

Emergency power disconnector as a standard configuration, more safer.

The function of skid proof brake avoid the truck skidding down when truck is out of control or travel on grade.

Circular plate design of Front frame, Circular design of back frame surrounded plate improve safety ,avoid nipping hands.

High Reliable AMP connecter and electric parts. Reliable protect and fixation for all electric wires and cables, reduce the fault of electric parts greatly.

Flexible control

Long handle design decreases the steering force greatly, which leads to eas operation.

Suitable to all popular pallets for it’s special fork design.

More than 180C handle rotation range, & compact body, ensure small turning radius & excellent maneuverability.

Creep speed function: when handle in vertical position, the driving speed will decrease automatically, allowed delicate.

Advanced design

shape design according to aerodynamic principle , domestic leader.With excellent empty pallet going-in and out function, operation efficiency is greatly improved.

AC driving system offers strong power, accurate control, excellent reaction speed, long life period of battery.

Special design of AC driving system assure operation more popular and more efficient.

Innovative AC controller , reliable quality and excellent performance.

Low noisy low fault Hydraulic station, multilayer detection and test cylinder and pipeline ensure the high reliable of hydraulic system.

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