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Technical Parameters


Product Features

Reach Truck, Sitting Operation

Safe & Efficient

Speed limit function when fork rising to high position can avoid forklift dumping.

Fork falling buffer system can reduce impact noise and make the goods safe .

The high capacity storage battery is superior than same models in forklift industry, which ensure the working hours during once charging.

Automatic speed limit function when turing can avoid the forklift dumping and goods thrown out caused by high speed.        

Flexible control

Steering wheels return to middle automatically when the machine be started, which is convenient.

Full alternating current motor without the carbon brush, free maintenance, low use cost.

Battery removing device is in pedal type and the driver no need to get off for operation, which make the battery replacement easy.

The steering angle and position can be displayed in real time. 180 ° steering angle is convenient for the smooth and fast steering in a narrow channel.

The integrated EPS steering system makes the control precise, easy and convenient, which can reduce the driving fatigue efficiently.

Specially designed wide view mast is without pipes blocking on its left or right side, which can offer a best view to the driver.

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