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Zoomlion Heavy Machinery is making efforts to promote the application of new technologies and the product R&D with scientific innovation to meet the needs and requirements of the existing and potential customers, meanwhile pursues excellence constantly and enriches product catalogues in a diversified view. From agricultural machinery to construction machinery, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery keeps surpassing, developing as a new force for the innovation of the equipment manufacturing industry in China and in the world.



    Economy & Green Fuel efficient, Low emission and High power, Zoomlion LPG forklift cut your use-cost efficiently and is friendly to the operator and the environment. Reliable IMPCO LPG Forklift System help reduce maintenance costs. Converting your forklift to LPG offers all the power and performance of petrol without the high fuel cost. Safe & Easy-maintenance Newly designed stamping overhead guard protect the operator from the falling cargoes. Lifting cyli



    The appearance is beautiful and dynamic with large arc streamlined curved surface modeling; There are double motors in front wheel driving independently. The direction and speed are controlled by computer. The forklift is flexible with short turning radius; The batteries are arranged on the frame bottom, lowering the center of gravity and making an excellent stability; Batteries are in side pulling type, making the replacement more convenient; The good ergonomi



    Electric Pallet truck, Standing Operation Safe & Efficient Elastic adjustment structure of balance wheel resist wear and tear, good stability. pedal for standing with shock-absorbing effect, comfortable, not easy to fatigue. AC motor, not necessary to change electric brush ,excellent performance for the ramp up and down. Emergency power disconnector, turtle speed switch , emergency reverse direction switch equipped handle, provides safer operation.

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